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People Make a Difference Award 2015
R & D Farms is owned and operated by Richard Roy and Dianna Lee Roy. Richard has raised, owned and ridden various breeds of horses for over 50 years. He fell in love with the Paso Fino breed while riding in the Dominican Republic and shortly thereafter, in 1993, he bought his first Paso Fino. Since October 2000 he has been an active member of the Pasos for Pleasure Trail Ride Group and recently achieved the 3000 hour plateau. In 2004 he began showing in the USA and Canada and his horses have always placed at the National level since 2005.

Currently, Richard owns 4 magnificent Paso Finos; 2 stallions; Farahon De Capitan, and Roberto; and 2 geldings, all acquired from Richard’s good friends Kay and Chips Chiappetta of Quinta Chiappetta in Kentucky. In addition to showing, Richard loves nothing better than to saddle up his Pasos and go trail riding with a friend.

Richard has inspired countless Paso lovers with his enthusiasm for the breed and has been the CCPFHA’s finest ambassador for many years now. He has volunteered hundreds of hours demonstrating at local fairs, shows and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Richard has been a steadfast member of the board of directors, and is always willing to help out newer horse owners with trailering, advice and support. Congratulations Richard!

People Make a Difference Award 2014
Diane Vollick is a founding member of the Central Canada Paso Fino Horse Association Inc., and has acted as Treasurer since it’s inception in 2008. She has been an avid promoter of the Paso Fino breed and is an inspiration and mentor to our members.

Diane participates in every event possible with her beloved horse Delasandra, and has won countless ribbons and top awards at our Ontario Paso Fino Shows, including high point awards for several years. The duo trail ride regularly, through all seasons, and Diane generously hosts a weekend event at her home every year for our members.

This year Diane had an unfortunate fall, breaking her hip. Nothing will slow this senior citizen, - she was walking shortly after her surgery and is back to riding again. Diane is well loved by the association members and we are happy to nominate her for the “OEF People Make a Difference Award”.  

Paso Fino Horse Association Grand Nationals 2013:
Message From Emma Pierson, Youth Rider
The trip to Kentucky for the 41st Grand National Paso Fino Show and Expo was a trip like no other. This year 3 youth riders, Nate, Maddy and myself, got the chance to go down and show. And I think I can say for us all that we had the time of our lives. We rode in everything from pleasure classes and performance and equation to musical freestyle and trail. This was Nate and Maddy's first time showing down there and my second. We were showing our amazing boys Traner and Pandemonio. In youth 10-12 Maddy on Traner placed fourth and Nate also on Traner left with a handful of ribbons, everything from fourth to walking away with first in youth trail. Pandemonio and my self ended up with honourable mention. Maddy and myself also followed in Camilla's footsteps and put together a musical freestyle, something that our horses and us had never done before and we placed third. I think that I speak for us all when I say that we are blessed to have the chance to even go down to nationals. This year we were lucky enough to have the financial support of the CCPFHA and Kathryn Giffen. Without the support from the CCPFHA , our parents and most of all our coach Camilla, that has been there by our sides through it all and has told us that no matter what, she will always be proud of us. Camilla has given us the chance to make our dreams come true and helped us every step along the way. Going down to Kentucky and getting to meet all the other youth and make new friends is for sure one of the things that we will remember forever. Everyone was supportive and welcoming next year I hope to have a larger youth team. It's an amazing experience that I hope one day we can share with a youth team from Canada.

Message From Madelaine Sanders, Youth Rider
Thank you very much CCPFHA and Kathryn Giffen for the sponsorship of our Canadian youth team (Emma Peirson, Nate Meakins and myself). Your contribution was greatly appreciated and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. We had a lot of fun and made some great memories. All of us are very appreciative for your generosity. All of the horses were well behaved and thankfully there was not issues. Thank you CCPFHA, Kathryn Giffen and Camilla Willings for making this trip possible.

November 2012:
A big thank you to the OEF, from whom we received a sports grant of $550!

November 2012:
Marijean Harris has resigned as president and Denise Chandler, currently serving as Vice-President, is now the serving president until elections in October 2013.

  • President: Denise Chandler
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Kathryne Giffen
  • Treasurer: Diane Vollick
  • Directors: Camilla Willings, Pam Dawson, Karen Sutherland, Oscar Dalmoa

The results of the election held November 28th 2011 is as follows:

  • President: Jeannie Harris
  • Vice President: Denise Chandler
  • Secretary: Kathryne Giffen
  • Treasurer: Diane Vollick
  • Directors: Camilla Willings, Mary Jane McKelvie, Pam Dawson, Karen Sutherland, Oscar Dalmoa


  • On February 23 to 24, 2010 we trailered two horses to Quinta Chiappetta for training by Ricky Mendoza. One of them stayed with Ricky - Zarzuela de Fina Vista, owned by Janet Grant and her niece Casey O'Sullivan, and was shown later in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We also were able to see the colts and fillies we helped Ricky break last fall.
  • May 5 to12. We enjoyed a trail ride at Gilbertson's Lazy Horse Retreat in the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. I rode Helen Notzl's filly Muchacha, Helen and Walter Keyser rode their other two mares. We rode over 30 hours on some of the most picturesque and challenging trails in the United States. The six of enjoyed it immensely.
  • From the trail ride we drove with our horses to Quinta Chiappetta, where we were joined by Janet Grant and Diane Vollick for a clinic held by Kay Chiappetta and Ricky Mendoza. We were allowed to ride many of the different horses and also get tips and help with our own horses. The clinic closed with an excellent dinner for all of us at a local restaurant with Kay and Chips Chiappetta.
  • May 29 was another clinic again in Shelbyville. This one featured Mary Rizo Patron and Ricky Mendoza. There were 40 plus participants, some with their own horses. This was focused on the specific problems that were raised by the participants. It was held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.
  • July 16 to 17 was our first show of the year in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Defensor did quite well, coming through with second places in Amateur Owner Pleasure and Amateur Owner Performance. Once again Defensor showed his versatility when Courtney Gingrich, a 17 year old junior rider showed in the Junior Division after only a few minutes of preparation. They received a third place.
  • July 21 saw Defensor perform at a U.S.E.F. breed demo in Lexington, Kentucky. He was handled by Ricky and Ashlee Armato. He was also ridden by various other riders to demonstrate the Paso Fino gaits.
  • August 20 - 22 Defensor was shown and placed first in both Amateur Owner Pleasure and Performance at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee show. We also had the good fortune to show "El General QC", a beautiful black three year old colt and placed first in Amateur Owner Pleasure and in Amateur Owner Performance. This was my first time showing someone else's horse and furthermore I was not the only Canadian there because Ricky showed Janet Grant and Casey O'Sullivan's beautiful filly Zarzuela in Three Year Old Performance Fillies.
  • Our experience at the Nationals this year was unique because we had the opportunity to show both Defensor and El General. Defensor was his usual reliable self by placing fourth in Amateur Owner Performance, fifth in Amateur Owner Pleasure Championship and also took a fifth place in Pleasure with Ricky. El General "AKA Junior", was awarded honourable mention in Amateur Owner Three Years Old Colts Pleasure. He did very well considering the fact that he sustained a trailer injury on the way to the show, he was not completely sound on his right rear leg.
  • Our local Canadian shows this year were also especially rewarding. Saturno placed first in four classes and also took two championships in Sutton, Ontario. At the RCRA show on August 15 in Newmarket, Saturno placed second and third. He also placed first with my 11 year old grandson Nolan in the lead line class. Nolan is the youngest rider to ever get a ribbon in our family; way to go Nolan! At the Erin Fall Fair Defensor did exceptionally well getting first in all the classes he was shown in - Pleasure, Performance, Country Pleasure, and Challenge of the Breeds. Jennifer Tarrant also showed him up to a first in Novice Pleasure and a second in Equitation.
  • Farahon also had an eventful year. The second foal “Felize” arrived in June and she is doing well. He was also bred to John Hope’s mare Celina and she is due in May of this year. Echo - Farahon’s first foal was broke by Ricky this fall - we were there and he did very well. I saw him again January, 2011. Once again we took Farahon to the Royal Winter Fair and he did his usual good job and made many more new friends.
The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy riding Defensor QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals, A/O Performance Class

The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy riding Defensor QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals, A/O Performance Class

The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy riding Defensor QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals, A/O Performance Class

The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy riding Defensor QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals, trainer Ricky Mendoza standing.

The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy riding El General QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals, Pleasure Class

The Quinta Chiappetta team

Richard Roy, on Defensor QC in the 2010 Grand Nationals with the Quinta Chiappetta team.

October 2010, World Equestrian Games

Videos of Camilla at WEG 2010 during the Wind Rider Demos, story will follow soon..



May 5, 2010 Press Release Paso Fino Horse Association

Paso Fino Horse Association Hires New Executive Director The Paso Fino Horse Association has hired Don Vizi as the new Executive Director of their association. The hiring of Don Vizi coincides with the association’s move from Plant City, Florida to the Kentucky Horse Park. “We are extremely pleased that Don has joined our association” said Ed Smith, President of the Paso Fino Horse Association. “Don has extensive experience with equine associations, serving as Executive Director of the National Walking Horse Association and the Rocky Mountain Horse Association, and has held positions of President/CEO of Chambers of Commerce and served in the United States Air Force reaching a rank of Lt Colonel” continued Mr. Smith. “Don’s credentials include: a B.S. degree from the University of Kentucky, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and completion of the United States Chamber of Commerce program Institute of Organization Management”. “I am honored to have been selected from 150 candidates that applied for this position, and I look forward to helping move the Paso Fino Horse Association to a new level of membership as well as promoting the Paso Fino horse as a horse for all occasions”, said Don Vizi.

The Paso Fino Horse Association was founded in1972 and has over 5,800 members and over 40,000 horses registered in their registry. The association is divided into 24 regions with membership in South America, Europe and the United States.

The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace and elegance. With its lively but controlled spirit, natural gait and presence, and responsive attitude, the Paso Fino is indeed, a rare and desirable equine partner.

POC: Ed Smith 903-935-5232, Don Vizi: 615-483-0320

Can-Am and Wind Rider Challenge
London, Ontario, March 19 - 21, 2010
Wind Rider Challenge - Camilla is the North American Champion!

Wind RiderYou may have heard that my Paso Fino stallion, Mercenario ("Mercy") and I had an awesome time at Can-Am Equine Emporium this weekend. It was the Canadian finals of the Wind Rider Equestrian Challenge. There were 22 finalists, some of which (like us) had pre-qualified by winning a regional competition in 2009.

Mercenario was the only Paso Fino and the only gaited horse, the competition included Quarter Horses, thoroughbred, Morgan, ShireX, Gypsy Vanners, Appaloosas, Arab, Canadian Horse and more. The event took place over the 3 days of Can-Am, with the first stage being an obstacle course.

Mercenario was unbelievably hyper and super-charged for this part (he piaffed all the way through the Gate obstacle) but we held it together and still managed to receive High Score for this portion. The top 3 scores went forward to stage 2, which was a new timed obstacle course and then individual Musical Freestyles. I was thrilled to get to this stage as we had worked hard to prepare our freestyle. Our second obstacle course was a bit of a hot mess, and I felt we were doomed to 3rd, but our freestyle went really well and was a crowd and judge-pleaser so... we were thrilled and surprised to WIN!

Our prizes included a custom Ortho-Flex saddle, an Anivac, new clippers, $, and other cool stuff. So be proud all you Paso Fino owners and lovers... a Paso Fino is the 2010 National Wind Rider Challenge Champion! Now this means we are invited (and paid) to compete in a head-to-head competion for the North American Wind Rider Challenge Championship in Wisconsin (April 16-18th, 2010) at the huge Mid-West Fair in Madison.

Wind Rider ChallengeAnother great promo opportunity for our wonderful and versatile breed. :) Needless to say I am very happy with and grateful for my beautiful horse, Mercenario. I am also so very grateful for all the help and support I got from my great Fina Vista friends, especially Jennifer, Victoria, Leslie, Margaret, Donna, Janet and Marianne (they rocked!). Also a big thank you to Janet Konyer and the lovely folks at Lookout Farm for opening their doors to us and looking after Mercy while we practiced.

Gary shot (thanks Gary!) this YouTube of our Musical Freestyle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVg3rb_6IWo

and a youtube video of Camilla in Winsconsin at the NA Championship

Camilla Willings, President of the CCPFHA

Top Ten Pleasure Riders 2009
Jo Seggie-Flemming, our PFHA Recreational Rider Liason, is one of the top ten pleasure riders in 2009 and will be featured in the May edition of Paso Fino Horse World magazine. Congratulations Jo!

PFHA Recreational Rider Committee liason
Jo Seggie-Flemming is now our Paso Fino Horse Association Recreational Rider Liason. There is more information about available programs in the PFHA Recreation Rider Program Booklet. (Be warned! it's 10 mb.) Contact Jo Seggie-Flemming at Art Works Paso Finos for more i nformation and resources.
(613) 646-2890

New Gaited Horse Magazine
There is a new Canadian gaited horse magazine "Gaited Canada" available online www.gaited.ca